A psychological horror adventure full of frights



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Ascension is a horror game along the same lines of Resident Evil (but in two dimensions) in which you play Atticus, a security guard of a strange complex, that chooses the worst day possible to take his sick daughter to work with him.

Not long after starting the day, something strange occurs and his daughter disappears. From this moment on, your goal will be to find her by all necessary means, with mainly the help of your flashlight, your cleverness, and above all, your courage.

The whole adventure takes place in very dark, two dimension scenes, always using the unseen to convey fear and tension, in the place of being more explicit. So, because of this, in Ascension you will walk carefully instead of breaking into each room and shooting everything that moves.

Ascension is a very good adventure and horror game. Its graphics are entirely composed of exquisitely made pixels, which fit perfectly with the game environment, and the gameplay is terrifyingly fun.
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